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Awesome ... For the most part

For years my family of four and I have been ordering food from Lucky Dragon by delivery. We shave been BEYOND impressed by our delivery service, the delivery man is ALWAYS on time with a huge smile on his face and over all positive and happy vibe. After telling our delivery man that we've never been inside the physical location before he suggested that we go in and eat, so the following week we did. We were automatically seated by an Asian lady with bright red hair, she seemed nice and greeted us with small talk etc,. When we were ready to order we had to wait sevrel minutes even though we were the only table, the Lady(whom seems to be the owner) was to preoccupied with her phone. When she finally came over, we had a couple questions and she seemed annoyed to be answering them. After we got our food a couple more tables came in and it got louder and she turned up the music, I called her over to ask if she could turn this Spanish repetitive dance music down a bit considering my two kids were getting a bit cranky and she rolled her eyes and shot a mean glare to my TODDLERS and kept the music at the same level. Overall, the food was great but we're defiantly sticking to delivery ... Much better service away from the resteraunt

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My girlfriend and I

We were told we had to order a minimum of $6 dollars before we could be served. We only wanted egg rolls, and they only had one table but wouldn't serve us. Watch out, they could kick you out too if you don't spend enough money at this restaurant.

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Lucky Dragon Delight

The word Lucky is for Lucky they are still in business. The food was cold. It was take out and the ribs were all fat. I couldn't believe how terrible it was. I love asian food, but, the owners of this restaurant should be ashamed. This is not the first time I've been there and should have know better. I will make sure everyone I talk to will know how awful it is. I'd rather go to a buffet and that is not my style. Stay away, walk away from this terrible food. This food was for my grand children. I wouldn't eat the items listed below if I had a gun pointed at my head.

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Great food and delivery service!

We regularly get delivery from here, and the portions are very generous. We get a dinner for 3 for 2 adults and 2 little kids and then have enough for my husbands lunch the next day. We have also eaten in and the decor is very nice and the place clean. The servers are friendly and they even have non breakable dishes for the kids which is great!

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Horrible customer service

We made a take out order for the first time and we received the wrong order. I called back to let them know and their exact response 'Too bad, that's not our fault...you already took the food'. WHAT? Are you kidding? I stated that this was the first time that we had ever ordered food from there and the manager stated that it didn't matter. I highly recommend that you DO NOT order from this restaurant....unless you want different food than you ordered (watch the $$).

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We have been there twice, and both times, we...

We have been there twice, and both times, we loved the food. We all chose different combination meals, and ordered soup in addition to the meal. Everything was fresh, tasty and hot. The service is not the best, but acceptable and the prices are reasonable.

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Chinese people disappointed in Chinese restaurant

My wife and I thought we'd try this new Chinese restaurant that opened up in Jackson Trails. We ordered 2 dishes and were surprised to find out that we had to pay per bowl for rice. This is odd considering you'll get a generous size bowl of rice with your meal in china town with free refills if you need. The food was okay, the service the same. The waitress never checked in on us and we had to ask, on 2 occasions, for more rice and more tea. Due to the cost of rice per bowl, the meal turned out to be a bit more expensive than a typical Chinese restaurant. On top of things, we're Chinese ourselves, however they never spoke a word of it to us. Its alright for convenience, other than that, I'd rather make the trek to China Town. I believe this restaurant is geared towards more of a take out restaurant than a dine in. I only gave the amenities a 9 because the place appeared new due to it only being open for a short period of time before our visit.

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Best Chinese I've had in a long time!

The atmosphere is very clean and modern. The food was extremely fresh and tasty.

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