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Unworthy of spending money and unsatisfied wife

I went south end Swiss Chalet after a long camping trip with my son and wife. My wife found something in my son's water glass and asked to replace it. Then, waitress gave my wife a wrong bun. Also, she forgot to give us "Swiss Chalet chicken sauce". I noticed it while we are eating our meal and asked her to give us sauce and she didn't know that. There was a sharp plastic piece found in my wife's salad and we told two waitresses and it seemed that it was natural to them because of their responses (no surprise and no apology). Finally, wireless pay machine didn't work for more than 5 times and some guy came out to help (takes 10 min to pay). I don't go to restaurant often, but it was really unpleasant experience and my wife was mad. It makes us so tired after a long trip and before going back home. Definitely, not recommended and won't go back to this place again.


We have driven across town from New Sudbury since...

We have driven across town from New Sudbury since this restaurant opened. We enjoy sitting on the bar side as it is nice and quiet. However, in the last 6 months or so, the poor waitress in that section has so many jobs, drive-through, pick-up orders, bar service, etc.,it is ridiculous. Management had better get their heads out of the clouds. The excellent waitress we had was pleasant and still efficient even while being worked to death - Bad News Bears! - we think management of this once wonderful restaurant has changed (for the worse). We love Swiss Chalet and the horrible service at the New Sudbury restaurant forces us to continue to drive to the South End site - please don't ruin it!

Price Range: $60per person


First waited over 15 minutes for someone to come...

First waited over 15 minutes for someone to come to our table, then server comes, asks if we are ready to order but we didn't even get menu's yet. Then they were out of white meat, meal was -ok- not like usual. Waited another 15+ minutes to get our bills. won't be going back here.

Price Range: $25per person


I've been here many times. Food is usually...

I've been here many times. Food is usually pretty good (though sometimes the chicken is so overcooked that it is like leather). The service is slow, and outrageously slow if you choose to go to the drivethrough.

Price Range: $25per person

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