The concept of New Orleans Pizza was originally founded early in 1978 by Yule Inc., a Waterloo, Ontario based company. In November 1978, the concept along with 6 locations were sold to Barnack Food Services, Ltd. The original name, New Orleans Pizza CanTacos was later amended to New Orleans Pizza and Submarines in 1981 when Barnack Foods Inc. incorporated the company New Orleans Pizza Canada Inc. In July 1993, John Cossey purchased New Orleans Pizza Canada Inc. At that time there were 12 locations in the franchise. In 1995, Andy Vivian became a partner in the franchise. In November 1998, New Orleans Pizza Canada Inc. opened its own Distribution Centre in St. Marys, Ontario. The Distribution Centre distributes dry goods, refrigerated and frozen product to all New Orleans Pizza stores. In addition, it houses the dough manufacturing facility where New Orleans Pizza's unique, high-quality dough is custom produced. More...

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  • Chicken Chunks
  • Panzerotti
  • Pizza
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