Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio & Day Spa

831 May St N, Thunder Bay, ON P7C 3S2
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funny,fun and soothing

Personally, I have never seen a shop so willing to please...... the staff was friendly and personable and gave me the nicest facial, pedicure, and manicure I had ever experienced. Thank you for the hand and foot massage during my facial - I had an extremely long day and Bev, I know you stayed late - what was it about 10 pm? You just made me feel relaxed and ready to start my vacation! What I mean by that is that these girls are willing to work with shift workers. I had an early plane to catch and they revised their day to accomidate me! Thank You! Not every one works a nine to five job and now, I know I have a quality, service minded place to go, that exceded all my expectations!


A wonderful experience

I found the place very clean and the staff friendly and attentive! The girls seem to know their stuff and were willing to go that extra mile to address my unexpected personal needs. My feet have never felt better! The spa pedicure was perfect! Plus the girl taking care of me helped me pick out a lipstick to go with my new dress! Thank You Merle Norman - I will be back!


Horrific Experience

This was the most unprofessional business I have ever seen. Their customer service is absolutely horrible!! Spas are suppose to be an enjoyable and relaxing experience, but this certainly was not. The owner is extremely unprofessional and rude. The three times I have been there I have had wait over 30 minutes, although the owner has not had any customers besides herself (today she was busy doing her own nails while I waited). Although I have services left on my gift card I will not be going back there to use them! On a side note, the facilities are also very dated and feel quite dirty. I would certainly not recommend coming to this Merle Norman location if you are looking for a calm, relaxing, and high quality experience.


Absolutely AWFUL!!!

Where do I begin? The owner first and foremost is obnoxious. While having my French manicure done the owner proceeded to tell my manicurist not to worry if it wasn't perfect. Then she pushed her out of the way to finish my nails, totally screwing up the rest of the manicure, leaving blank spots on my nails. The owner constantly hovered over the other staff with nothing better to do with her time, rambling on and on loudly. My mom's manicure was totally ruined by the time she got in the car, as the manicurist told her it would take 4 hours to dry!!! Good thing we had gift certificates because I would never pay for their low quality, over priced unprofessional services. I didn't even end up going back to use up the rest of my gift certificate. This place was HORRIBLE.

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