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Have ordered from Lucky's many occasions. Their food is always great but recently ordered our usual, which involved the 88.house special (which is suppose to have Chinese Greens as labeled in their take out menu) but we ended up getting another fried rice dish. Phoning the restaurant to get our order fixed we ended up talking to the owner whom was INCREDIBLY defensive and talked down to us. Told us that we ordered it when we didn't and she wasn't going to fix anything. Never going back.

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l called to ask what was in their dinner for one... they said they had many items.. l should come in and see the menu.. l said l would like to place a take out order and just needed to know what comes in a dinner for one.. l was told 3-4 items.. l said can l just order 3-4 items and you can tell me the price.. he then said l dont have time for you too many items.. you come in and order.. l said excuse me.. did l hear you right you dont have time for me.l was told right. l dont have time for you

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  • $11 To $25

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  • Chinese


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