The goal of our team members is to provide our guests with an ongoing standard of excellence, and the highest level of service, education, community involvement and environmental awareness.The skills of our entire salon are available to you. We don't lock you into one stylist. Meeting your salon service needs and busy schedule is our top priority. Each design tech has areas of expertise that, in combination, offer you a palette of personal image-enhancement options that is truly unrivalled. More...
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how infuriating!

the only appointment they had that week was for 8 am so i woke up while it was still dark and was on time, only to wait 15 minutes out front for someone to come open the door. then, i just stood there and no one offered to take my coat or anything until i pointed it out. my stylist was 45 MINUTES LATE! id have liked to sleep in, too. instead of apologizing or making some friendly gesture, she told me i might have to pay extra for dye because my hair is long. she gave me attitude, too, when i protested that that wasnt included anywhere in the voucher agreement. the cut was gorgeous, although i have straight hair. i wanted her to match my colour to my new hair extensions- she did an okay job at that. the whole time she was stopping to chat with other girls, talking on the phone, making appointments, walking over to look at pictures of people on facebook. when it came time to put my extensions in (a clip in set, it only takes five minutes!) she told me shed have to charge me because "its a service that takes time, and i have other clients to do after you" (BEAR IN MIND SHE WAS 45 MINUTES LATE!) i asked out of curiousity how much youd even charge for something like that, and surprise surprise, there was no category for it on their menu of services. she asked me if id like curls in my hair. when i went to cash out, the receptionist tried to charge me an extra 25$ for the curls that were offered to me because they couldnt find a price for sticking clip in extensions in! only when i protested did the stylist say, "oh no its on the house."

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What a waste.... just do it yourself at home!

I don't recommend this salon at all. First off the receptionist was incredibly unfriendly, bordering on rude, on the phone and then in person. The girl who cut my hair was nice but she didn't listen at all, gave me a terrible dye job and then barely cut my hair - not even glancing at the pictures I showed her. Waste of money and now I have to re-dye my hair at home to make it look not awful! My boyfriend thought I came home in a wig. I asked for subtle and came out with bright orange streaks in my dark hair. The stylist was surprised at the lightness of the color that showed up too when it was washed out, but said she'd only fix it if I spent an extra $25 on more toner. Not cool.... Buyer beware!

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