Our team of employees have years of experience in the window cleaning field. They are individually trained, supervised on site, neat in appearance and uniformed for easy identification.

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Great Movers! and Affordable!

I can't say much more other than what the title says. They were considerate and efficient throughout the move. I'm always nervous during a move, but after seeing how professional and careful they were moving my belongings, I was able to relax and the move went by smoothly. I moved from Queen West to High Park and they didn't get lost or "delayed" at anytime during the move. I'm going to be recommending 5 Stars to all my colleagues and friends!


Great Service

The service was amazing, I used fivestar to move my condo. They came with everything and made sure my stuff was protected. The guys were awesome and everything was done so quick. The best thing was at the end I wasn't suprised with any hidden charges or fees, I will definitely be using fivestar again!!!!


Friendly and reliable

I called Five Star Movers when my previously-arranged mover fell through. I found them to be professional, polite and very friendly. I was moving a large amount of heavy boxes for my business; we had a strict deadline and the job involved some tricky logistics re: loading and unloading. The job was completed with time to spare. Highly recommended.


Great Movers!

I used Five Star Movers a few months ago when I moved from my parents' house to my own new home. After searching around for the right company to help with my move, I came across Five Star and decided to work with them. They were extremely easy to work with and stayed connected with me right through until move date (calling to confirm timing, locations, etc.). On my move date, they showed up about 15 minutes early so they could find a proper parking spot and so they had some time to get their supplies ready. They put runners throughout my house and up the staircases, they gave me some garment boxes so I could hang my clothing, and they started wrapping some of the larger pieces of wooden furniture so they wouldn't get damaged. They were extremely quick to move all of my belongings - and very careful. They packed everything neatly and we were out of the house within an hour. They met me at my new home shortly after and began bringing everything up the three flights of stairs to my townhouse. While they were there, they also helped me move an old BBQ (from the previous tenant) down three flights to the garbage. They also brought my new BBQ up three flights to the roof terrace. At the end of the day, all of my items were in perfect condition, and the move took a painless 4-5 hours in total (including travel time). I would definitely recomment Five Star Movers for their professionalism, efficiency and for the care they give to all clients and their belongings.

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