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Granite Brewery Rock Solid

We've been to the Granite Brewery a number of times as the food is always fantastic with generous portions. In addition to the delicious food, they have a good selection of their own brews. We especially enjoyed their Ringwood, a delightful blonde. There are different atmospheres for different tastes, but at the Granite Brewery they have several to choose from. Two excellent patios, a bar, and a family restaurant area, all designed for comfort. The rear patio looks particularly amazing, but as it was raining, we'll just have to wait until next time to try it out. It should also be noted that the Granite Brewery has free parking with easy access. The Granite Brewery gets our highest recommendation and we will be back soon.


I go to Granite often and always receive a warm...

I go to Granite often and always receive a warm welcome and the best service. The servers are well trained and attentive. As for the food the drink aspect, they do pub food very well, I wouldn't expect fine dining from them. The beer is brewed on-site and is made in a traditional English style. This means the beer is not carbonated and is served only slightly chilled. I always love going to granite, The patio is amazing in the summer and the fire is toasty in the winter.

Price Range: $25per person


The service was slow and I didn't receive my RARE...

The service was slow and I didn't receive my RARE steak until more than an hour and a half when everyone in my party had all but finished. I politely asked for the entire time for a glass of water and no-one had the time-finally the manger explained that they cannot give everyone water as they don't have enough glasses. (The restaurant was at one-third capacity) However she did give me a glass of water and took the inedible soup off the tab as they would not make another one-as they said it was not freshly made-it's already prepared and packaged. I wasn't surprised as the vegetables are all frozen or canned. The washroom had not been cleaned and there was a mess in one of the stalls. The waitress laughed when I told her and shrugged. Funnily enough, the Restaurant Decor is rather nice and the location is ideal. I was impressed that they offered free underground parking for their patrons however given the other factors I will not return.

Price Range: $60per person

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