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John's Italian Caffe, a restaurant specialized in traditional Italian food that has captivated its clientele by its rich and colourful dishes, warm atmosphere and excellent service. The restaurant was the only in the area along with Yung Sing Bakery, a Chinese bakery which still exists across the street from the café and a cheese store that lasted 90 years. After the cheese store closed John's Italian Caffe expanded and took over their space. More...

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So I finally tried Johns and I was underwhelmed. Server was nice but sort of distracted, food was 'whatever'. I had the pizza and I wasn't really impressed - kind of bland, too floury on the crust, sauce was a little tomato paste heavy....

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Passing by, this place looks like one of those hidden gems, it's got a decent patio, and because it's among other restaurant's on Baldwin, we expected that the food would be pretty good (to make up for the subpar decor). but honestly, we didn't come here for the decor; we wanted to enjoy some nice dessert in eachother's company. The good: the food - the tiramisu was to DIE FOR! we also ordered apple pie and cheesecake - portion sizes were decent, and you could tell that they used quality ingredients and put care into making these dishes. The tartufo (chocolate and raspberry) came out in a pretty martini glass, and was very refreshing. the bad: the service. absolutely horrendous. the atmosphere was not welcoming, the waitstaff were rude, unhelpful, SLOW, and when we complimented on how good the food was, they said nothing. verdict: i would want to go back because the food was so good, but the experience from the waitstaff negated everything else and left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth.

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