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I am not one to c...

I am not one to complain but this just had to be said, never go here. My appointment was filled with stupid banter about drug use and Jew jokes. If that was not bad enough by the completion of my appointment my hair, which I had asked to be highlighted and trimmed no more than a quarter inch), was blotchy, a full inch and a half shorter, and choppy...I am disgusted. I would not recommend this place if it was the last salon on the face of the planet.


Never go here. Go...

Never go here. Got a hair treatment a while back. The girls were unprofessional and kept talking about how hung over they were from the night before. The hairdresser then left for a smoke break as my hair slowly turned into a witch white colour! The cut and dye was over 200!!!!!



I got keratin done from KIM, worst experience of my life. I paid $400 and literally nothing got changed. I have wavy hair and wanted straight hair. She said it will become straight for 6 months but nothing happened, my hair is still wavy as it was before. $400 was a waste. Also she gave me a haircut which was also a disaster. "AVOID KIM AT ANY COST"



I had my hair trimmed. I should have asked how much it was before sitting down. I had to pay almost $100. So upsetting. Service was OK but still way too expensive.


Audrie is the best

This place is horrible but Audrie does the best mani and pedi I had in forever. She is a perfectionist and really cares. She does the best waxing, doesn't hurt at all. I have been going to her for years and will until she retires.


So dissapointed I went there

I got a haircut at l'attitudes 4 days ago, and I'm still bugged by the whole experience. First of all, it's a terrible ambiance; the music is way too loud, and you feel like part of a herd of cattle. The place is too small to have >10 customers in at a time! As soon as I sat down, the hairdresser began to badger me about what kind of treatment I would like.. conditioning, straightening, etc. I let her talk me into a moisturizing treatment for my hair, which after a single wash, I totally don't see a difference! And it was $$!!! I paid $150 for a passable cut, style, and the silly treatment. TOTALLY not worth the money!!! That's what has me frustrated the most. The hairdresser (a middle age european lady) was also very belittling. I'm 23 and a working professional in downtown Toronto; I want a cut that reflects that. She kept saying that I look "so young", badgered me when I mentioned I was engaged, and treated me the same way my mother did... when I was 14. Like I said, the cut is mediocre. From a technical point of view, there's nothing wrong with it, but it definitely lacks any quality or life. Please, save your time, hair, frustration, and MONEY and skip this place. I wish I had never gone.


Horrible Experience

I just had a terrible experience at L'attitudes when I went in for a pedicure. Someone's entire cup of cold coffee spilled from a shelf onto me. I was covered from breasts to knees. The pedicure technician tried her best to soak up the coffee and tried to use a hairdryer to dry my clothes, but I was still soggy and felt disgusting. She finished my pedicure, and to be honest it wasn't a great pedicure. My heels are still rough and the polish is all over my toes. I asked for a discount to offset the cost of drycleaning the coffee off my clothes. The manager told me that I had cost them an extra client because it took "so much time" to clean me off (it took two minutes), and that it wasn't fair for them to lose money for an accident. I fully expected them to at least offer to pay for my dry cleaning or at the VERY least to offer an apology and perhaps a discount. Instead, they told me that I was an inconvenience because someone else left a coffee on an unstable shelf and it fell on me. I was furious, filthy, and wet. Bottom line: customer service was horrible. I will never go back.


Great Staff

Although the haircut was expensive...try $175...including tip! I gave a tip for their caring customer service...They genuinely took the time out to detangle my hair that was very tangled...and then i had a wash, hair cut...The haircut couldve had more layering though....i also, had it curled in style! The curling was stunning...it lasted a good 3 days or so...it was a great experience overall and i do definately recommend it!

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