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Nick's CarStar was unprofessional, disorganized, a

Nick's CarStar was unprofessional, disorganized, and incompetent. They took three weeks to do an auto-body job that should have been done in one week. I received many phone calls telling me about different delays with my rims being refinished, and by door locks not working properly after they replaced my damaged door. When I picked up my car finally, the paint job had imperfections in it, my car water pump died after driving it 20 minutes from the shop (Nick's CarStar had driven it 84km to a BMW dealer to fix the door locking issue!), and the tires were put on with the larger ones in the front, and the rear wheel falling off from the wrong torque being used. After I had my water pump fixed at my mechanic, I had to have the paint job imperfections sanded out a week later. I had to deal with these people for over a month! I also had my wheels put on properly and aligned at my own mechanic. They cost me time and money for their incompetence. Imperfect paint job, tire wheels incorrectly installed, delays, unprofessionalism, and incompetence on my BMW insurance job. They caused me a great deal of angst, time wasted, and money going back and forth to fix their mistakes. Horrible!

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September 16, 2014

Hello, My name is Sam Saccoia, owner of Nick's CARSTAR Collision. I have made contact with customer, jag416, and have resolved the matter several month ago. At Nick's CARSTAR Collision, we continue to strive to perform quality repairs and take care of our customers as we have done for over 40 years. We appreciate and greatly value our customers!

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