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Great Night Out

The place was packed with repeat customers. Probably by invitation only as people were turned away at the door without reservations as there was not a single free seat. The Principals often prep, cook, serve and entertain/chat as they know most of the customers. Very interesting mix of Italian cuisine with some hint of Arabic flair every now and then. Very nice wine selection at many price levels. You would have a very difficult time leaving without a good overall impression.

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Honestly, I called in two days, and both days the manager there was really rude. She sounded really rushy, and pushy - almost as if she didn't even want to wait to hear what I said. The first time I called was because I applied there and wanted to follow up. She literally said "Hello"..."We're busy" and hangs up. The second time I called was for a reservation and I heard that voice and tone again, and she basically said the same thing again. I found it really rude there. Italian food is my favourite, but she really ruined the chance of me ever going there again.

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  • $26 To $60

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  • Italian


  • Upscale

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  • Pubs