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IT'Z GR8!!!!

IT'Z GR8!!!!

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We've been there ...

We've been there several times, not because is good, but because is the only one in this area, and every time we say is the last one, but this one is definitely the last one! We were. group of 4 adults, one child and two toddlers and we arrived at 12:15, it was 2:15pm and we still didn't have all what we ordered. TWO HOURS??!!! that's almost a bad joke; they brought dessert before the soup,and that's only one example of what happened. The service there is always awful, but today was just too much; we complained and the only thing the manager said was that wasn't her fault. Really? You're the manager and is not your fault? If you want a Japanese buffet, please don't go to Hokkaido sushi, just drive to Ottawa and you'll spend less time, eat better and even at a better price. P.S. There was only one person who was helpful and efficient there, a young blonde man wearing glasses; I feel sorry for him working in such a mediocre place, he is too good for that restaurany

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