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Very rude and difficult people

We tried to make a reservation with this place. It was very, very difficult. First, the website was not updated. When we called, to our surprise, very little availability. We then tried to be flexible and change our dates to accommodate them. Then, again, they told us that the only option is to book a short-term place for longer to be able to get in. We agreed to it and then we asked for papers to sign the lease. We made more than 4 calls, we wrote emails. The lady that answered the phone hanged up on my husband twice. I finally got through them when I decided to speak FRENCH (I didn’t think it was necessary prior to this). The lady I was talking to told me the place is no longer available. My husband tried to understand why, and she told us, with no explanation that she does not want to talk to him. She was rude. II was confused as we rented places before everywhere in the world and we never encountered such little cooperation. Maybe it was just a good sign not to stay there. But be advised that they show very little flexibility and you have to “dance” around THEIR needs when dealing with them.

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