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813 av Taniata, Lévis, QC G6Z 2E1
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not a very proffessional enterprise

Away from home in middle-east, i wanted to send flowers to my wife on our wedding anniversary. So i arranged to have her at home at 5 o'clock so i could surprise her with a $75 bouquet of flowers. The 'Fleuriste Vert' delivered the flowers 2 hours later. Of course she wasn't there and the late delivery guy dropped the flowers on the grass. On top of that when my wife noticed the flowers and i told her that it cost me $75 dollars, she saw that they were not worth that price. The moral of the story is,if you want flowers delivered: don't bother with this florist. And when i called them back to see if they could do something about it:, they said : 'Oh, sorry sir. It won't happen again.' You bet it won't! Disapointed husband away from home

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