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Wedding Suits Disaster

Recently got married and booked the rentals for the men's bridal party through hunters. Absolutely terrible product and services, out of 7 people only 3 people received proper fitting suits. These were clearly not simple mistakes, they were not even close; a size 38 pants for someone who has worn 32 for the last 15 years, paired up with a small vest that could not be done up. Sizes were re-ordered and not all showed up on time for the wedding. No apology no nothing from the owner, just complete arrogance. On top of the wrong sizes we had buttons falling off, pant leg seams opening etc.. Complete garbage! When i called in to complain, the owner said when I returned the rentals we would work something out. Of course when i go in it is his day off... "he will call you right away this week" I called 3 times, he avoided me the whole time. So after 2 weeks I was finally in town on other business so I popped in. The owner then pretended like he did not know what I was there for, then said "well I can give you a $35.00 in store credit", yes THIRTY FIVE DOLLAR!! in store credit, after we just spent over $1500.00 on rentals that were a complete mess.. Best man never did get a proper fitting shirt or jacket, which I am sure they had something else that would have fit him on there shelf to use for our wedding night.. So after talking everything over the owner JOHN I believe is his name says, "well I got my money, doesn't matter to me" and the whole time kept his back to me and wouldnt even turn around and look at me. I guess there is nothing I can really do now but warn everyone else, do not do business at HUNTERS MENSWEAR in MOOSE JAW SK. I have since talked to 3 other people who had problems there in the past, and when I told the owner I would be sure lots of people hear about this his reply was "you wouldn't believe how many time I have been told that" so he himself admitted this is not the first time he has had a situation like this..

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