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3300 2nd Ave W, Prince Albert, SK S6V 5E9
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Venice House Pizza (306-922-2222) - Display Ad - Greek Ribs (or B.B.Q.) Square Deal 24 6 Ham & Cheese Greek Riblets Greek Riblets (or B.B.Q.) Calzone Style 10 7 Pepperoni, Mushrooms Souvlaki, Chicken Fratzolaki 8 Salami, Mushrooms, Green Peppers Pita & Gyros Meat, Greek Souvlaki Vegetarian: Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Jajiki Sauce, Gyros Wrap Onions, Pineapple Greek Salad, 10 Ground Beef & Onions Lemon Potatoes, 11 Hawaiian: Ham & Pineapple Garlic Toast 5 Back Bacon, Cheese 12 Ham, Green Peppers, Onions Serving PA for 30 Years See our Web Page at AA THE PIZZA IT TASTES SO GOOD Specialists 2for1 YOU WANT IT BAAAD! PLEASE ORDER PIZZAS BY # Spaghetti Lasagna Fettuccine 1 Plain Cheese AVAILABLE SIZES 2 Pepperoni, Cheese 2 for 12 for 12 for 1 Medium 10 XLge 15 3 Salami, Cheese GREEK SPECIALTIES GREEK FEAST Large 13 4 Italian Sausage, Cheese FOR 2 Mexi Beef, Banana Peppers PARTY COMBO Black Olives, Cheddar & Mozza Cheese FAMILY PASTA PARTY COMBO FAMILY PASTA 25 SAILOR: Shrimp, Scallops, Crab Meat 3 FULL TRAYS OF Family Size Lasagna 26 BEEFEATER: Sliced Roast Beef, Onions, Dry Ribs, Chicken Shrimp, Caesar Salad Tomatoes, Cheddar & Mozza Cheese 27 CANADIAN: Ham, Real Bacon, Mushrooms, 13 Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Green Peppers Wings, Meatballs, Smokies, 14 Ham, Mushrooms, Green Peppers ZORBA S FEAST FOR 2 15 Ham, Pineapple, Mushrooms 16 Back Bacon, Salami, Mushrooms Greek Ribs, Riblets, Souvlaki, 17 Back Bacon, Pepperoni, Mushrooms Shrimp, Greek Salad, 18 Ham, Salami, Mushrooms Lemon Potatoes 19 All Meat: Back Bacon, Ham, Salami, Pepperoni, and Garlic Toast Real Bacon 20 Venice House Special: Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peppers, Pineapple DINNERSFAMILY COMBO 21 IMPERIAL: (All Dressed) Ham, Salami, Green Peppers, DINNERSFAMILY COMBO Mushrooms, Shrimp, Onions, Pineapple Fish & ChipsPizza, Lasagna, Hamburger SteakDry Ribs, SPECIALTY PIZZAS Chicken FingersCaesar Salad, 6 Garlic Toast Cheddar & Mozza Cheese Deep Fried Shrimp4 Garlic Toast 22 GREEK: Feta Cheese, Tomatoes, Onions, Green Peppers, Black Olives, Oregano Dry Ribs Dinner 23 ITALIAN: Pepperoni, Italian Sausage 24 MEXICAN: Fonzie s 39 Bacon Double Cheese Burger: Perogies, Greek Riblets, 1 Litre POP 28 MEDITERRANEAN: Spinach, Onions, Feta, Tomatoes Battered Mushrooms, 29 CHICKEN SUPREME: Chicken, Onions, Onion Rings Green Peppers, Pineapple, Tomatoes 30 TERIYAKI: Chicken Fillet, Teriyaki Sauce, Pineapple VH BURGERS 31 FOUR CHEESE: Mozza, Permeasan, Feta, Cheddar VH BURGERS 32 Chicken Ranch: Chicken Breast Filet Gondolier (Beef)-VH Burger Bacon, Gr Peppers, Tomatoes, Ranch Sauce Mushroom Burger 33 Chicken Honey Garlic: Chicken Filet Additional Honey Garlic S/e, Pineapple, Mozza Cheese Big Bird (Chic. Fillet) 34 Chicken Buffalo: Chicken Breast Filet, Toppings Buffalo Sauce, Banana Peppers, Mozza 2 for 1 Available 35 B.B.Q Chicken: Chicken Breast Filet B.B.Q Sauce, Gr. Peppers, Onions, Mozza BAKED SUBS 36 B.B.Q Roast Beef: Oven Roast Beef Pizza-Porker Bacon, Seasoned Beef, B.B.Q Sauce, Green Peppers, Onion, Mozza 37 Bacon Mushroom Melt: Oven Roast Beef Bacon, Toro-Greek Mushrooms, Mozza and Cheddar Meatballs 38 The Volcano: Pepperoni, Hot Sauce, Onions, Mushrooms, Roast Beef Banana Peppers Onions, Cheddar and Mozza 40 BBQ Bacon Double Cheese Burger: Seasoned Ground Beef, Onions, Bacon, Bar-B-QUE Sauce, Cheddar & Mozza Chicken Wings & Dry Ribs PARTY FINGER FOOD 3300 - 2nd Ave. W.  Prince Albert Next to all Major Hotels & The CASINO Melfort 752-7227   Naicam 874-5511 Faast FREE DELIVERY 306 922-2222 WE DELIVER 7 DAYS A WEEK   DELIVERY HOURS 11:00 AM-4:00 AM Free Delivery on all orders over $16.00 (excluding tax) for 21 PIZZA-SUBS-BURGERS