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Worst customer se...

Worst customer service ever. Five times! How can you call yourself a Canadian tire when nobody there is from Canada and you know nothing about tires. Nothing. Your automotive section is uneducated and to top it off rude! You are allowed to take back ten unrimmed tires an the front clerk was all "I'll take four" and my husband said "no you have to take up to 10" (I contacted sask tire recycling ahead of time) and he said "then I'll just take none" and I was shopping for nets for a soccer league and the lady cashier at number 4 was just ridiculous I asked if tere was a discount for non profit organizations and she rolls her eyes and had whiny teenager voice like I was talking to her duing her time. News flash! Customer! So she talks to her boss and says "ya I don't know what she wants...like a discount or something." Oh my gosh! So no tere were no discounts. This was just our latest encounter with this horrid store. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!

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