After many years repairing vehicles and managing other body shops, Dale Huber decided to make his dream of having his own shop a reality. This new adventure took him to the Sutherland area, and on May 26th, 1992 Collision Plus Autobody Ltd. made its home at 1208 Central Avenue. Dale and two other employees began that day with one main purpose, to provide each and every customer with excellent service and superior collision repair and automotive refinishing.Growing from a staff of three to twelve and from 3200 sq' to 8400sq' is the result of many successful partnerships with loyal customers and suppliers throughout the years. In January of 2010, Dale's longtime right hand man, Broc Brooks purchased a portion of Collision Plus Autobody Ltd. This strong partnership will carry Collision Plus Autobody Ltd. forward, continuing the same level of service and quality that began 20 years ago. more...
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