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Very good work!

JSJ did a great job, when they installed a furnace, water heater and A/C for us! The job was done so neatly and within small confines too. They went through all of the work done and explained how everything worked. And the best part... the mechanical room was left clean and they hauled our old furnace and water heater away too!

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not impressed!

Awful! Had them do plumbing/heating for new construction and it was nonstop problems. We purchased our own faucets and were then accused of loosing the washers that were specific to those products when we hadn't even handled the product. We were told to go to a hardware store and buy new washers or the faucets wouldn't get hooked up. You'd think a plumber would have access to washers. The drywall and ceiling went up in the basement b/c the plumbers were "finished" with that area, but the plumbers didn't connect all the pipes so we had a flood in the basement when we used the main floor bathroom. They had to cut at least 5 holes in the newly painted walls and ceiling to find the problem (basic plumbing would be to connect ALL the pipes). Since the work was finished in fall/winter, they wanted to wait until spring to install the AC. In spring we tried for 2 months to get them to install the AC. It was excuse after excuse. They would schedule a day and then not show up, this happened several times. They are irresponsible, unreliable, and don't return phone calls. I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy.

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