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Extremely poor cu...

Extremely poor customer support. Will not be using their cabs again.


The fare was $20....

The fare was $20.30. I gave 25 expecting change after which I would have paid the tip. But the driver did not want to return the change until I asked for it. Some one tell these drivers that, tip is not their right, it is a privilege and they have to earn it with good service. On another occasion, coming back from the airport, despite the roads were empty, the driver drove well below the speed limit just to clock more fare. Wont take United taxi if I had a choice.



Cab smelled funny. Driver was delirious. Kept mumbling to himself. I was laughing. He did not understand.


Terrible attitude & treatment of customers & price

called them for an estimate for a trip across town. the quote was $18 and the guy charged over $29. when I called the company back the guy named Kelly told me that it wasn't his problem and he has nothing to do with what the driver charges. It was 4AM, no traffic and the driver refused to take the fast route on circle drive. The person on the phone, Kelly just kept telling me that it wasn't his problem! Terrible customer service and bad business to give quotes that are no where near what the driver ends up charging. Blatant disrespect for customers to tell them that it's not their problem.

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