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All plumbing Smart Tips
Many of us only think about our household plumbing when things go wrong. Yet, turning on a tap and accessing a clean flow of water is essential to our lives and in our homes for everything from cooking and cleaning, to bathing and sanitation.
As Canadians, we expect to have clean, running water at our fingertips, so the slightest smell or weird colour sets off alarms. Here's some advice to help you pinpoint the problem, determine if it's merely a nuisance or dangerously nasty, then figure
When it comes to installing a new toilet, it is possible to get the job done quickly and correctly. To help the process run smoothly, consider the style, size, height and efficiency of your new toilet before taking the plunge. Choosing the right toil
A hot water radiator system is an effective and generally low-maintenance way to provide warmth and comfort in your home. Bleeding, or releasing unwanted air from a radiator, can help increase the overall efficiency of your hot water heating system.
Whether you’re updating an existing bathroom or creating a new one, installing a shower can present you with a DIY challenge. But there’s no need to fear this generally straightforward plumbing project. Follow these five key steps for shower installa
You’ve decided to change some plumbing fixtures in your house and bought a new array of bathroom fixtures. But before you pick up your plumbing tools, let’s talk preparation. Here are four key things to consider before you begin a plumbing installati
Replacing your plumbing fixtures is a great way to modernize a bathroom, update the kitchen sink, or install a more water-friendly, low-flush toilet. Here are five helpful hints to get you started on the path to choosing new plumbing fixtures when pl
Whether you’re repairing a leaky faucet or preparing to install a new sink or toilet, water supply lines are going to come into play. Here are some tips and tools you can use to successfully complete your DIY household plumbing projects.
Whether you’re aiming to build your own sprinkler system, or simply looking to fiddle around under the kitchen sink, you’re going to run into pipe fittings. Understanding what they do and what they’re used for can help ensure your DIY household plumb
Not all plumbing projects require a professional’s touch. Installing a new drain in your bathroom or kitchen plumbing fixture is an easy task for the keen DIYer with the right tools and a little patience. Here are five key steps to help you install a
Chances are you have a trusted mechanic and family doctor to call upon when something goes wrong. But what about a plumber who offers emergency services when there’s a problem in the middle of the night? Would you be ready?
Water freezing in your home’s pipes can be both costly and messy, especially when it occurs unexpectedly. The best advice? Be ready for cold weather before it happens. Here's some advice to help you avoid frozen pipes during winter's nastiest weather
If there is a gas smell in the house while you read these lines, leave the premises and call 911 without delay. If not, keep on reading.
These days people are becoming more concerned about the quality of drinking water coming out of the taps in their homes, and are turning to water filters. But what can water filters do and are they worth the investment?
A little planning pays huge dividends in case of a major water leak. Get familiar with the location of the stopcock in an emergency, how you'd access the water tank, and locate the stop valves on the hot and cold water tanks so you could shut them of
There’s a good chance you can resolve the problem with some very simple measures that do not involve getting your hands dirty.
Plumbing emergencies in the home usually involve flooding, freezing, foul smells – and potentially fatal electric shocks. Here are a few practical tips on how to avoid these emergencies.
Think you’ve got a leak below your foundation? Not sure where to start? Here’s what you should know before you start digging.
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