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While Vancouver is best known for its impressive selection of Chinese and Indian restaurants, Japanese izakayas and sushi spots, the city is also home to several restaurants serving lesser-known Asian cuisine. From Sri Lanka to Singapore, this list will introduce you to flavour fare from around in the world – and you won’t even have to get on a plane! [Photo credit: Betin]
In Vancouver, where natural parks, beaches and waterfronts abound, no two dog-walking companies offer the same experience. Depending on what kind of care your pooch needs – from discipline training to socializing with other dogs to off-leash exercise – these companies will provide a fun, safe and exhaustive walk when you’re not able to. [Photo credit:]
Even if you know the restaurant scene in Vancouver like the back of your hand, there are probably still a few hidden gems you have yet to discover. I’ve put together this hot list to help you in your quest to explore new and uncharted culinary territory! [Photo credit: iStock/g-stockstudio]
Preparing a healthy vegetarian or vegan meal is often last on the list when you’re a busy professional or an exhausted weekend warrior. Coming to your rescue are these Vancouver restaurants and takeout spots, each offering fast, meat-free options for pickup, allowing you to relax while others do the work. [Photo credit: Cazzaniga]

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