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Yellow Pages offers Industrial supplies & services contact information for in and about the Langley-Surrey, British Columbia area. With the most extensive index of business types available in Canada, YellowPages.ca is your first choice for search. If you’re near Langley-Surrey, find new user-rated products and services close to you, with YP.ca .

 Adhesives, Chemicals, Inks, Dyes & Lubricants 

 Amusement equipment & device

 Audio, video & motion pictures equipment & services

 Batteries & Power supply

 Canvas & tarps

 Castings, dies & moulds

 Cleaning equipment, supply & services

 Electrical supplies & services

 Engraving, Embossing, Plating & Lamination

 Filters, screens, grates & traps

 Food & Beverages


 General supplies & services

 Glass, Seals and Sealants

 Hoses, coils and tubing

 Hydraulics & pneumatics

 Instruments - General

 Jewelry & lapidary

 Kilns & ovens

 Labels & labeling


 Lasers & holograms

 Locksmiths, locks & keys

 Machines, machining and machinery

 Material handling

 Metals, metals working & metals products


 Oil, coal, fuels & natural gases

 Pipes, tubes, pumps, ducts & valves

 Plastics & Rubber products & services

 Printing & publishing

 Process & industrial control system

 Security & safety products

 Sharpening, Slicing & Spraying

 Specialty equipment & supplies






 Wiring & Cabling

 Wood & paper

 X Ray equipment & services

  Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

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