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Sambro, Nova Scotia Business Directory: Industrial supplies & services

YP Canada provides Industrial supplies & services directory information for in and around the Sambro, Nova Scotia region. With the most extensive business listings you can find in Canada, YellowPages.ca is your first choice for search. If your hometown is Sambro, find new user-rated products and services in your area, with YP.ca .

 Adhesives, Chemicals, Inks, Dyes & Lubricants 

 Amusement equipment & device

 Audio, video & motion pictures equipment & services

 Batteries & Power supply

 Canvas & tarps

 Castings, dies & moulds

 Cleaning equipment, supply & services

 Electrical supplies & services

 Engraving, Embossing, Plating & Lamination

 Filters, screens, grates & traps

 Food & Beverages


 General supplies & services

 Glass, Seals and Sealants

 Hoses, coils and tubing

 Hydraulics & pneumatics

 Instruments - General

 Jewelry & lapidary

 Kilns & ovens

 Labels & labeling


 Lasers & holograms

 Locksmiths, locks & keys

 Machines, machining and machinery

 Material handling

 Metals, metals working & metals products


 Oil, coal, fuels & natural gases

 Pipes, tubes, pumps, ducts & valves

 Plastics & Rubber products & services

 Printing & publishing

 Process & industrial control system

 Security & safety products

 Sharpening, Slicing & Spraying

 Specialty equipment & supplies






 Wiring & Cabling

 Wood & paper

 X Ray equipment & services

  Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

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