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Eating healthier may seem like a huge challenge, but shouldn’t be. All you have to do is find the right places to shop to make healthy living easy. Here are some of the city’s top health food stores for anyone looking to start a more nutritious diet.[Image credit:]
Ten years ago if you asked someone on the streets of Montreal what a bubble tea was, chances are you would have gotten a blank stare. Nowadays it’s all the rage, particularly with young adults (and anyone young at heart!). What fun to find huge tapioca balls at the bottom of your fruit or milk based iced tea. Find out where to get this Taiwanese creation right here in our town.
Foods trucks may be a relatively new phenomenon in Montreal, but they’ve quickly developed a huge and loyal following, particularly when they come out in droves during the summer months. So when lunchtime rolls around skip the dreary cafeteria and hit the streets to find out what the buzz is all about. Fantastic food served quickly and conveniently awaits at a curbside near you!
While big action blockbusters may appeal to the masses, there’s something to be said for the more nuanced, dare we say intellectual, productions from independent film houses. You won’t find these artful films playing at your local multi-screen movie theatre; rather, you’ll have to seek out one of Montreal’s handful of independent cinemas. [Image credit:]

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