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Businesses for Chinese Food Restaurants, Saint-Hubert QC

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Businesses near Saint-Hubert QC


Au Kinh Do


Tiki Sun Resto


Buffet Maison De Jade


Restaurant Phénix De Chine Inc


Restaurant Le Piment Szechuan


Restaurant La Maison Kam Fung


Hong Kong Café


Chuan Saveur Maison


Restaurant Jardin Tiki


Restaurant Tchang Kiang By Yangtze

Jardin De Pekin

Restaurant Dragonnaire

Kung Fu Restaurant Enr

Restaurant Tahiti Inc

Restaurant Sun K

Château de la Lune Restaurant

Nouveau Maison Kam

Restaurant La Perle

Cristal Chinois (Le)

Village Szechuan

Restaurant Dao Vien

Le Caveau Szechwan

Sun Luck Chinese Food

Baguettes Chinoises L.Y

Restaurant Basilic

Restaurant Rubis Rouge

Lin & Lin Restaurant

Restaurant Chan

Jardin De L'Orchidée

Produits Alimentaires Orientaux

Produits Alimentaires Orientaux

Produits Alimentaires Orientaux

9223-5977 Quebec Incn

Pho Little Saigon

Philippine Oriental Wok

Kam Shing Chinese Restaurant

Duy Anh

Au Parasol Chinois

Restaurant Japon Sushi Bar

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Chinese restaurants in Saint-Hubert QC

Szechwan, Cantonese, Shandong, there are many varieties of Chinese food, restaurants and Chinese food takeout options to choose from.  Before you base your choice solely on the menu plastered outside of a Chinese restaurant window or from someone you just met off the street, here are some simple tips to guide your stomach to the best Chinese restaurants in Saint-Hubert QC where you can happily enjoy a fortune cookie at the end of your meal.  

Tips on how to find Chinese restaurants in Saint-Hubert QC

  • Chinese Restaurant reviews: Online and newspaper Chinese restaurant reviews in the food or lifestyle section are your best tools when trying to find top Chinese restaurants in Saint-Hubert QC. Most reviews rate Chinese food restaurants by atmosphere, portion size, price and service. These independent reviewers have no one to please but their finicky tastes for all things eaten with chopsticks.
  • The concierge always knows: If you are travelling in a new city, your hotel’s concierge or the hotel staff will be able to find Chinese restaurants that suit your taste buds and budget. The concierge will be able to lead you in the right direction and even place a reservation for you or call for Chinese food delivery.
  • What you’re looking for: Authentic Chinese restaurants have their menu written on the walls of the establishment and usually host large Chinese families late into the evening. Most metropolitan areas have a Chinatown where the best Chinese food is served. If you are looking for a particular style of Chinese food, call the establishment ahead of time and ask if they serve your favourite dishes.
  • Ask the neighbourhood: Most local food and wine vendors deal directly with the Chinese restaurants in your neighbourhood. Ask them about the restaurants they deal with and the kinds of meals they serve.
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