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Pizza Hut


Domino's Pizza


Pizza L'Amore


Halal Pizza Time & Restaurant


Real McCoy Burgers & Pizza




Reginos Pizza


Reginos Pizza


Enrico's Pizza

Reginos Pizza

241 Pizza

Bilal Halal Chicken & Pizza

Wing Machine

Double Double Pizza

241 Pizza

Victoria Pizza Inc

Pizza La Rosa

Mahal Pizza


Everest Pizza

Chef's Pizza Fish & Chips

Pizza Village

Double Double Pizza & Chicken

Gusto Pizza

New Pizza City Inc

Aria Bus

Hunter's Pizza

241 Pizza 2006 Ltd

Halal Pizza And Chicken Wings

Al-madina Halal Pizza

Double Double Pizza

Super Lee Pizza

Diamond Pizza

Primo Pizza & Kebab

Pioneer's Pizza Corp

Al Hamd Birayni

T D Pizza

Ajmir Restaurant

Popular Pizza

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Little Caesars

Free Toppings Pizza

Go Four Pizza And Wings

Kamaleswaran Vinothiya

New Kabul Kabab & Pizza House

Reginos Pizza

Pizzeria in York ON

Extra pepperoni, anchovies, lots of cheese, Hawaiian style, so many toppings to consider when looking for the best pizzeria in town.  Before you base your choice solely on the pizza menu plastered outside of a restaurant window or from someone you just met off the street, here are some simple tips to guide your stomach to the best pizzas in York ON.  … 

Tips on how to find Pizzerias in York ON

  • Pizza place reviews: Online and newspaper pizza restaurant reviews in the food or lifestyle section are your best tools when trying to find a quick slice in York ON. Most reviews rate pizza places by atmosphere, portion size, deals, and delivery options. These independent reviewers have no one to please but their love for all things pepperoni and cheese.
  • What you’re looking for: Good pizzerias will have a pizza hotline or number so you can place a delivery order at any time of the day or night. Pizza is a spontaneous idea that doesn’t necessitate that much preparation on your part. Most university towns will have many late night pizzeria and pizza delivery options. If you are looking for a particular slice, call the establishment ahead of time and ask if they serve your favourite dishes and ask what kind of deals they offer so you can compare.
  • Ask the neighbourhood: Most local food vendors deal directly with the pizza restaurants in your neighbourhood. Ask them about the restaurants they deal with and the kinds of pizzas they serve.
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