Whether you're stuck indoors due to a snowstorm or getting cozy next to an inviting fire, winter is all about yummy comfort food. Here are some easy-to-make comfort food ideas to give winter the cold shoulder.
Fall and winter are great seasons for delicious, warming comfort foods. And one of the easiest, most stress-free ways to make them is in a slow cooker. These 4 dishes are not only familiar and tasty, but they make cleaning up a cinch!
Cuddle up to the fireplace with a dessert in a cup. These two hot chocolate recipes are just the thing your sweet tooth is begging for.
Try out these tasty recipes for pumpkin tartlets or whiskey-squash cake. They're the perfect treat for a cool fall or winter evening, and are bursting with a distinct and unforgettable flavour.
In today’s world of unabashed foodies, getting in on the food photography game can seem a little daunting. But there’s a reason why #food is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram – our culture loves food and, unsurprisingly, we love to see wh
Pure Canadian maple syrup is more versatile than just a breakfast addition. Check out these 11 dishes that include maple syrup and you'll be in heaven!
If you're seeking new ways to preserve garden tomatoes, these methods will fit the bill for tasty ingredients for your cooking.
Wake up and blend one of these 3 smoothies for a healthy start to your day. Packed with vitamins, they're a flavourful way to take advantage of the goodness of fresh fruit.
Pesto has an almost endless number of uses beyond pasta. Here are 8 extraordinary ways pesto can enhance the flavour and appeal of sandwiches, appetizers, mains, breakfast and more!
Coffee shops are a great place to get your fill of hot drinks and conversation. Here's how to get the most out of your coffee shop experience.
Meal planning can be a money-saving measure, especially when you plan your weekly meals around what's on sale at the grocery store. Here are 3 tips for being a savvy shopper and making the most of your grocery budget.
March 14 is known as "Pi Day" worldwide, but not the kind you eat. Instead Pi is a mathematical constant that people honour one day a year by eating – what else – pie! Here are two popular "Pi" recipes for your sweet tooth fix: pe
Which types of meals can you cook in a slow cooker? A hot, bubbling stew or juicy pot roast are probably the first dishes that come to mind. Today's version of this very handy appliance can also handle a few surprise dishes. Since most people don't k
You spend a lot of money on your groceries, so it's both a shame and a waste when you have to throw food away. We'll give you 5 useful tips to keep foods fresh for longer, from milk and dairy to tomato paste.
Every city in Canada has its share of bars that pay homage to whiskey, and choosing from among this stellar selection can be tough. If you’re looking for the top places to sit down and properly enjoy a dram, then you can’t go wrong with the standout
Grocery shopping takes a big bite out of the weekly household expenses, but the bill doesn't have to be so big. Here are a few things you need to know so you can cut those costs down to size.
When it comes to culinary conquests, Canadian restaurants offer up their fair share. This list of ultimate food challenges will test the calorific capabilities of hungry or adventurous eaters across a range of foods – from giant burgers to seriously
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