Poppies are hardy perennial or annual plants that are easy to grow and perfect for filling gaps in borders or in fallow flower beds. Here's everything you need to know about this fascinating plant.
Until the 16th century, before the hop became the key ingredient in brewing, ground ivy was an ingredient in beer. It was also used to make agil herbal tea, which gets its name from the Old French Guille "to ferment", also in reference to b
Clearly a perennial designed for romance, bleeding heart casts a spell with its graceful, arching sprays of dangling heart-shaped blossoms and blue-green, fernlike leaves. Whether planted on the shady north side of a building or under trees along a w
When the leaves start falling, it's time to get your garden ready for winter. You can help prepare the soil for the cold months ahead by following these simple steps and creating a winter compost of dead leaves.
If you've ever wanted to make your flower garden more useful or your vegetable garden more beautiful, you can do both at the same time. Many flowering plants do double-duty as ornamentals and edibles. Planting a garden exclusively with edible flowers
Whatever your level of gardening experience, try spicing up your perennial beds with these 5 herbs. They'll do double duty as both attractive plants and tasty edibles.
Although most perennials produce flowers, their sheer diversity makes it easy to build a satisfying garden using little else. Here's some tips for growing healthy and abundant perennials.
To achieve that natural, slightly wild floral look, go with a columbine flower. They grow to medium height with spindly stalks and gorgeous, colourful heads, and are incredibly easy to start and maintain.
Geraniums add a lovely burst of colour to any flower bed or pot. They come in a variety of colours and require very little maintenance.
When you've got plenty of empty space and a desire to fill it with something leafy and green, look at hop vines as an option. They grow incredibly quickly and provide a luscious, forest-like look.
They're durable, hardy and will reward you with colours for several seasons. The epimedium is one of the best plants you can choose for a long-lasting relationship.
Although the name can be a tad off-putting, goatsbeard is a highly popular plant in many gardens. It's hearty, adaptable and gorgeous to look at.
Growing and caring for lantana is pretty simple and straightforward. Just follow these tips to create a beautiful row of plants in your garden.
Daylilies are fairly trouble-free and the few problems they have are seldom serious. But there are ways to care for them over the years to ensure plants remain healthy and provide lots of blooms.
While many perennials are readily available at your local garden centre, many can be grown from seed. Here's how:
Hostas vary greatly in size, from the very small, like 'Tiny Tears' that grows only five centimetres (two inches) high, to the huge, like 'Sum and Substance' that grows 75 centimetres (29.5 inches) tall and 150 centimetres (59 inches) across. Read on
Canadians love the beauty a garden can add to their home or garden, but planting the right flowers for the Canadian climate is essential. Thankfully, there has been a lot of research on which flowers flourish best in Canada. Here is a guide on flower
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