A French-style bakery specializing in delectable desserts, a patisserie conjures visions of Parisian patios, good coffee, and, of course, flaky, perfect pastries. From cakes to croissants, brioche to macarons, tarts, and pies, here are five fabulous
A well-planned trip means more than just choosing a destination and checking the weather. Here are five easy-to-follow steps to plan your best vacation ever.
Ice hotels are a growing vacation trend worldwide and within reach of the everyday traveller. Here are 3 great reasons you should book your vacation in this can't-miss experience today.
The dream? On THIS trip, you 'll pack light. The reality? You leave it to the last minute, chuck everything you own in a suitcase and run to the airport. It happens to everyone. Here's some advice on packing light so you can leave the kitchen sink at
Whether you are planning a spring getaway, indulging in market-fresh ingredients at farm-to-table restaurants or checking out Toronto's top events, you won't have time to be bored this month!
Don't go looking for palaces or castles in Montreal. Founded in 1642, the city's architectural treasures reflect its young history, shaped by trade, industry, transport, religion, entertainment and the avant-garde.
Though there’s plenty on the docket this month in Edmonton, from the Bonfire Festival to the Edmonton Poetry Festival, I know plenty of Edmontonians will have their sights set on the Oilers’ long-awaited playoff run. But we’ll get to that later – her
Near the end of March, a cheering sight materialized along 17th Avenue – patios packed with Calgarians enjoying a drink, mittens and toques nowhere to be found. Spring has sprung, and with it comes a packed docket of April attractions, including the
With winter now over, many will now turn to face the dreaded gym. The gym can be crowded and loud and without a routine, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are other Calgary alternatives to working out that can be more structured, i
Vancouver, B.C. is home to great mix of neighbourhoods; from the bustling downtown core to the chilled-out beach vibe in Kitsilano to the mountainous playground of the North Shore, this world-class city attracts millions of tourists from across the g
After the New York Times rated Toronto the place to visit in 2016, folks have flocked to check out the spectacle of #the6ix. From theme bars to Aboriginal art, here’s what we recommend checking out while you’re in town.
Canada may spend a good portion of the year buried under snow, but it certainly isn’t lacking in beautiful public gardens that you can enjoy during the warmer months. From east to west, here’s a selection of some of the best public gardens in Canada.
With snowy nights and sub-zero temperatures on the outs, it’s time to start planning your spring weekend away. These spots are but a short drive from the city, making them the perfect option for a quick spring getaway.
Whether you’re a neophyte or an experienced bird enthusiast, there’s an active community of birdwatchers and no shortage of excellent places to spot birds in Toronto. Here’s where you can find them, and a few organizations you can join, if you want t
Is your family ready for a fun break? The last thing you want is a chaotic trip. Here are five no-sweat steps to plan the perfect family vacation you all deserve.
When travelling with children, it can be a challenge to keep them in good spirits the whole time. Here a few secrets to keeping your children happy en route to your destination.
Cutbacks in the travel and hospitality industry have made it hard to snag a bargain, but you can still get more for your money. However you plan to travel and wherever you hope to stay, these "secrets" might help you secure an elusive upgra
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