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Kingyo Izakaya
51 Winchester St, Toronto, ON M4X 1A8
Open until 3:00 pm
Neither as noisy nor as dimly lit as other restaurants of its ilk, this much-loved Cabbagetown izakaya is Toronto's version of its Vancouver originator, rises above the rest with its emphasis on freshness, quality and presentation. Kingyo's menu boasts a range of unique dishes, from goma ramen salad to short ribs. The pressed mackerel, tsukemono pickles, stone bowl sea urchin don and sea urchin shooters are consistent favourites. Guests get an eyeful here, watching marvels like beef tongue being grilled on a hot stone. Good news travels fast, so there are generally lots of enthusiastic diners under the restaurant's high ceilings and in the company of its blinking Pachinko machines.
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