Bindia launches brunch with a twist in 2015

By Stephanie Dickison Imagine an Indian restaurant that serves healthy ingredients prepared in a modern way. Where nothing in drowning in heavy, cloying sauces. Where local produce, meat and fish is carefully selected from the St. Lawrence Market. Where the restaurant’s practices are so focused on supporting small farmers around Ontario, it is FeastON certified. This is just the beginning of what makes Bindia so different from the rest.

First-time restaurant owner Michael Kapil, along with his wife Jyoti, believe in supporting local. "The quality’s simply better." Bindia, the first establishment to arrive on Market Street, and truly a family affair – the restaurant is named after their daughter, and brother-in-law Chandan “Vic” Mohan is at the helm in the kitchen - continues with impressive practices:

  • Butter chicken is made without a stitch of butter. The sauce is  instead simmered and reduced on its own for three hours, so that the spices and flavours shine through.
  • Everything is not made daily, but made to order, so everything that arrives at the table is fresh. Spice levels can also be customized this way.
  • Dishes are not fusion, but true to the flavours of Indian, with quality ingredients and modern presentation.
  • This modern approach extends all the way to the bar with vodkas from India that deliver a fresh taste with a clean finish, and happen to be gluten-free.

So launching an interesting, unique brunch just seemed the next logical step. And we got the exclusive sneak peak. With lots of savory choices - Naan stuffed with minced lamb served with naan,  Whole wheat naan stuffed with potato, Lamb kabob with spiced eggs, Dry potato curry with egg, Fried bread with chana masala - it is an exhilarating step away from the usual offerings of eggs benny and french toast. This is what you’ve been waiting for. Bindia’s brunch launches tomorrow, Saturday, May 2nd and is available Saturdays and Sundays. Check out our Facebook page for a closer look at the dishes.

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