DEQ Lounge launches Canadian comfort food menu in 2015

By Stephanie Dickison

Whether you're traveling or simply want to grab a bite while you're downtown, you've got to check out DEQ Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Laid back and casual yet still hotel luxe, DEQ has launched a new menu that is all about Canadian comfort food. It's the ideal menu - approachable and familiar items feature premium ingredients such as duck from Quebec, Canadian lobster and truffles. You can order fresh and light items - Canadian Oysters (6/$22, 12/$42), Roasted Cauliflower Salad ($18) and Baby Kale Salad ($16) or indulge in heartier items - Short Rib Bites ($14), Croque-Monsieur ($19) with ham, gruyère and béchamel, and Prime Rib Burger ($23) with peameal bacon, smoked chessar and fried onions.

If you usually shy away from pork belly because you can't stand all that fat in one bite, the Pork Belly Sliders ($18) will change how you feel about it. Meaty with just the right amount of chew, and topped with with a stunning Wiser’s Deluxe & maple glaze, slaw and a single onion ring, these sliders are worth crossing rushhour traffic for.

Fancy Fish and Chips ($23) takes the old standard up a notch. Meaty moist meat from the lobster knuckle is coated in a thin, light crisp Mill St. Organic batter and served with a zesty aioli. Served in a newspaper cone with some fries added in for good measure, it's equal parts fun and fancy.

Steak Frites ($28) is one of those dishes that is perfect year 'round. Steak is served medium rare and sliced topped with herbs and café de Paris butter for a touch of richness. A sleek cone of fries and jar filled with fresh salad completes the dish.

Lobster Rolls ($22) can be cloying and heavy, but not here. Finely minced lobster is tossed lightly with just a little mayo, meyer lemon and tarragon and served in soft toasted buns - perfection. Get ready for a little getaway - you'll quickly be transported to the seaside.

A variety of homemade desserts await you (including ice cream and sorbets, the renowned Ritz-Carlton Chocolate Cake,  Maple Crème Brûlée and Pot du Crème), if you still have room and be sure to check out the superb signature cocktails that include infused spirits, fresh fruit and herbs.

DEQ Lounge, tucked away in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, is one of the best spots to dine in the city. This quality at these prices with hotel service to boot? What are you waiting for?

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