Calgary writer Alyssa Quirico’s passion for new experiences has taken her to Mexico and the U.S. Now, she’s back in her home city where she works for WestJet Magazine and writes about travel, lifestyle and inspiring Calgarians. In her downtime, you can find her eating and drinking her way through the city, hunting for thrift-store finds or at the dog park with her not-so-scary pit bull Angel.
Whether you’re training to be a cocktail connoisseur, or just want to learn to make a great drink, here’s where to get everything you need from recipes and bitters to syrups and gadgets. [Image credit:]
Ladies, as surely as summer rolls around every year, so too do the wedding invites. In fact, you’re likely to get more than a few invites. But of course, you can’t risk having to wear the same outfit twice so some variety is the order of the season. With that in mind, here are the top shops for the perfect summer wedding outfit in Calgary.[Image credit:]
Mealtime entrees don’t get more comforting than a warm dish of freshly made pasta. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, taking the whole family for dinner or just grabbing some grub at a pub, here’s where to fill your belly with pasta dishes that will leave you happy and undoubtedly full. [Photo credit:]
In land-locked Calgary, getting fresh seafood isn’t as easy as going down to the docks. But chefs throughout the city are bringing in fresh-as-possible lobster that will leave you believing you can smell the ocean breeze as you soak up that last bit of hot butter drizzle on some juicy coastal claws. Here are some places where you can get your lobster fix.
Calgary’s nightlife is livening up with new restaurants, pubs and nightclubs presenting live music and DJs. Visiting your favourite watering hole for pints and pub grub with pleasant company is always satisfying, but sometimes that tune’s so good you’ve got to get up and show ’em what you got. These cool pubs and lounges feature dance floors with room to shake it to some great live and recorded music.
We put our shoes through a lot in Calgary, from the ice and slush of winter to the dust and heat of summer. Inevitably, they require care and repair. Rather than retire your favourite footwear once it’s a bit worn, visit these shops where professional, experienced cobblers will get them looking brand new.
Goodbye lash curlers, mascara and sticky strips. Hello, show-stopping lashes. Looking good has never been more effortless. Just wake up in the morning and they’re ready to go – yes, that means more time for coffee. Treat yourself to natural-looking, voluminous and lengthy semi-permanent eyelash extensions at these great Calgary lash bars.
When it’s time for a trim, you want a barbershop that’s comfortable and contemporary with a suitably manly atmosphere. Whether you’re after a hot, straight-razor shave, classic cut, modern fade or a stylistic upkeep on your man bun, keep your face and hair looking fresh with a trip to these men’s barbershops.
No matter the weather, you can always enjoy a watery workout and have great family fun in a number of indoor public swimming pools. Whether it’s a City of Calgary recreation facility or a killer water park, these indoor pools are open to everyone.
They can be cool but casual or effortlessly elegant. Jeans are the most versatile pants on the planet, and everyone needs a few pairs in their wardrobe. If you’re hunting for jeans that make you feel like a million bucks whatever the occasion, these clothing shops carry men’s and/or women’s jeans in a wide range of prices, styles and brand names.
It’s always nice to unwind with a cold brew after a long day. But instead of parking your seat on the couch or a barstool all night, recruit a friend or three and head to these laid-back, pool-table-equipped watering holes. Fun, friends, food and drinks: what more do you need to unwind?
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