Since she was four years old, Amanda has been surrounded by her first love: books. Her other two passions – writing and baking – spurred her on to establish her own food blog where she applies all three interests to create some heavenly treats. When she’s not whisking up cakes, Amanda divides her time between Netflix binges, travelling the world, and puttering away at her debut novel.
Everyone loves a good burger. But what makes a burger great? Is it the crispiness of the bacon? Is it the soft sweetness of the toasted bun? Or does it come down to how far the juice runs past your elbow? Whether you’re into chicken, beef, bison, salmon, or veggie, this list will help you find your perfect burger.
Ambience. Excellent food. Great service. These are the top three things everyone looks for in an ideal date night restaurant. A noisy, overcrowded dive bar with bad food and worse service doesn’t really encourage romantic feelings. Thankfully, this list has you covered – think of it as your secret wing man.
Do you find yourself craving truffles and creams more than once a day? Are you known for popping out during lunch break to grab a chocolate bar? Then you, my friend, may be a chocoholic. Don’t worry, though! Victoria has many shops willing to satisfy your desires, and we’ve compiled them all into this handy list.
Victoria has long been known as the “California of Canada” – while the rest of the country is busy trudging through the snow, we’re out here donning flip flops and complaining of the heat. It makes sense, therefore, that we would have plenty of great ice cream shops. These are just a few of the places where Victorians go to grab a cone and beat the heat.
One of the great things about Victoria is the sheer amount of multicultural restaurants available to the public. Japanese and sushi is certainly a favourite here, considering many of the places on this list often have long peak-hour waiting times. That’s okay though. It’s how you know these restaurants have the best sushi in town!
Pancakes. So much debate surrounding these golden disks of maple syrup covered bliss. You have the fluffy-as-a-down-pillow camp, and you have the mile-high flat stack club. Some people are all about the berries and whip, while others need something a little more savory. Whatever your desire, Victoria has the hotcake spot for you.
Ah, pizza, you cure so many ills. Has a night of indulgence left you a little fuzzy? Perhaps you’ve burnt the roast you were planning to serve to the dozen hungry guests en route to your house. Or maybe you’ve survived a long, exhausting day and just need a break. Whatever your troubles, pizza is there for you.
Three elements are imperative in the making of a great poutine: crispy fries, rich, flavourful gravy, and oozy cheese curds. Not only have the places on this list mastered the cheese-and-gravy combo, some have even put their own unique spin on this French Canadian classic. Jerk chicken poutine, anyone? C’est magnifique!
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