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With autumn officially arriving in Vancouver, it’s time to really begin making headway with our fall style. Fashion-wise, fall has to be my favourite time of year; I love the look of cozy layers! Knit sweaters, oversized blanket scarves and ankle boots are just a few pieces I consider total must-haves for the cool season. Here are a few of my favourite local boutiques to shop for fall wardrobe essentials.
Finding the perfect gift for a bride and groom can be difficult; you’ll want it to be unique, sweet, thoughtful and useful to their lifestyle. If you want to avoid shopping at big box stores and find something that’s unique, dare to go off the bridal registry and uncover beautiful treasures at these fantastic local and independent Vancouver gift shops. [Photo of Atkinson's]
Wedding season is just around the corner, which means us brides-to-be are dreaming about beautiful gowns and accessories for the big day. If you’re on the hunt for romantic jewellery, formal footwear, stylish hairpieces and more bridal accessories to complete your wedding look, pay a visit to these Vancouver shops.
When you’re just not ready for your date night to end, it can be a challenge to know what exactly to do next. Rather than simply head home, take your special someone to indulge in their sweet tooth at one of these yummy dessert spots in Vancouver. [Image courtesy of Thierry; photo credit: Leila Kwok]
The holidays are always so much fun; festive gatherings, ugly Christmas sweaters, and glittering lights are just a few of the things that come to mind when I think of this season. I love finding the perfect gifts for family and friends. Nothing feels better than seeing that special someone’s face light up and knowing you bought just the right present. Visit these Vancouver shops to find a gift that your mom is sure to adore!
If there’s one thing my fiancé and I indulge in a bit too often, it’s dining out. But along with this expensive little habit, I’ve gained some knowledge about the city’s most romantic restaurants. While we are always looking for hidden gems, we’ve also been lucky enough to try incredibly delicious food at some of Vancouver’s most beautiful dining destinations. Keep these local spots in mind for your next date night.
Forever a sweet tooth at heart, I have a continuously growing list of sweet spots in Vancouver to get my sugar fix. The city is home to so many incredible bakeries and decadent dessert places; so if you love your sugar as much as I do, be sure to keep the following locations on your must-visit list!
As a blogger, I’m often trying to uncover quick lunch spots where I can meet with fellow bloggers and potential collaborators. I like to find restaurants that balance great food with friendly service and a unique atmosphere. I’ve always felt that places with a unique flair and interesting touches help encourage creativity, which is essential in the fashion industry.
As a blogger, I almost always have more work to do, more emails to respond to and more posts to write. To combine my work and play on weekends, I like to treat myself to a work session at a local coffee shop. I always find that getting out of the house is the best way to spur inspiration, and these beautiful coffee shops have helped get me out of even my worst creative-block!
Since we can no longer keep denying that summer is officially over, it’s time to embrace fall – and, better yet, embrace fall fashion. When I think of fall style, my mind automatically focuses on boots, and this year there are tons of fun and unique options available for style enthusiasts! If you’re looking to up the ante on your footwear game this autumn, then keep reading! [Photo credit:]
Do-it-yourself projects are one of the most creative and affordable ways to update your home, switch up your personal style, or pull together a special event. I like to revamp my home each season by adding a touch of personality or a pop of colour. If you’re working on a hands-on project, check out these Vancouver DIY stores for all sorts of crafting tools and art supplies. [Photo credit: Di Noia]
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