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Precipitation and leaves bright with colour – two things that go hand in hand in fall. And rain or snow combined with the return of cooler days can chill to the bone. The solution? Warm soup, of course! Here’s a list of comforting soups to taste this fall in Montreal.
“Bring your own wine” restaurants in Montreal are easy on the wallet. Some also offer fantastic food! That’s why the terrace/bring-your-wine combination may seem hard to beat. Here are restaurants where you can bring your own drinks and eat under the stars!
Whether it’s for a 5 à 7 or for dinner, the residents of Griffintown don’t need to travel far to find a quality restaurant. A bit like it is everywhere in Montreal, this neighbourhood is fortunate to have magical places. People come from every corner of the city to eat here!
As little kids, while we were playing outside all day in cold weather, Grandma took the opportunity to prepare her specialties. When we came home, hungry and frozen, we devoured these warm, comforting dishes with gusto. Here's where to find the classics of your childhood in Montreal.
It doesn’t get much more Quebecois than poutine. Fries, gravy, cheese curds – done right, it’s one of the most delicious, satisfying dishes around. So to make sure you know what good, authentic poutine tastes like, here is the list of the best poutine in Montreal!
Japanese food is a little like Quebec restaurants: there is something for everyone, and at a wide range of price points. From teppanyaki to sushi, ramen, izakaya dishes and more, Japanese cuisine continues to grow in popularity – and more and more restaurants are popping up to meet this demand. With this in mind, here’s a list of top Japanese restos to make your explorations a bit easier.
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