Born in Italy in 1982, Dario Bivona arrived in Montreal in 2006 and literally fell in love with the city. After studying pharmacy, he decided to refocus his attention on his greatest passions: communication and advertising. In May 2013, Dario launched the DARIO BIVONA blog, where he talks about design, art, fashion and daily life in Montreal!
You'll love my favourite interior design and decor shops. You'll be spoiled for choice between light fixtures, furniture, and porcelain. Unearth a gem and enjoy the charm and unique features of these Montreal boutiques!
Fashionistas will be swept by the selection of fashion designer boutiques we have to offer — Quebec is a pool of creativity! Whether you're on the look for classic evening dresses or contemporary design skirts, immerse yourself in the town's most chic fabrics while encouraging local talent!
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