Domo Is Craving consists of two Vancouver bloggers, Jess and Phil. Originally headed by just Jess, who would occasionally post about food whenever she had time, the hobby has now become a major addiction. Phil is an excellent writer and Jess is extremely passionate about food, so with the two combined, they make the perfect blogging team.
It’s easy to find a place to satisfy your Chinese food cravings on weekend mornings in Vancouver. Many local Chinese families go for dim sum at least once a week – it’s a delicious tradition and a great way to spend quality family time with each other. A wide variety of bite-sized options are served in mini steam baskets with freshly brewed tea on the side. Here are some of our top dim sum places you must try!
It’s game night, you’re out with your buddies to enjoy a few beers with some good food, and you’re in Richmond so downtown is not an option. What do you do? Fret not, because there are a bunch of great restaurants, pubs and sports bars on this list, and you just might find a new go-to for the next big game.
Got a craving for some delectable chocolates, a smooth and rich cheesecake, or perhaps some handcrafted macarons and pastries that taste as good as they look? Then you’ll definitely want to indulge yourself at these dessert spots in Vancouver! [Image courtesy of Thierry; photo credit: James Stockhurst]
There will always be those days where breakfast is too early and lunch is too late. The middle ground to satisfy those late morning cravings is of course BRUNCH. Brunch has created a whole new eating portfolio for Vancouver foodies and that means the usual breakfast fare just doesn’t cut it anymore. Here are some places that will make you give up breakfast and lunch for BRUNCH.
There’s no need to fly more than 13 hours to get a taste of the Hong Kong café experience. With so many great local options in Vancouver and Richmond, you might just find your new casual go-to when your group can’t decide where to eat.
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