Gurleen Boparai is a Vancouver-based lifestyle blogger behind Pink Tea Latte. Gurleen is a pastry obsessed undergrad student at UBC, who is determined to find every bakery in the city. You can always count on Gurleen having a smile on her face and a matcha latte in hand. You can follow all of her adventures in fashion, food and travels on her blog.
Vancouver continues to establish itself at the forefront of sustainability with a growing market for eco-friendly vintage fashions. As style-savvyshoppers change their mindset about how to invest their money, upscale consignment shops are popping up to meet the demand for pre-loved luxury labels. Hit these local resale stores to snag a coveted designer handbag at a reduced price point. [Photo credit: Staudt]
If you want to mix up your regular study routine, skip the library and hit up a local café or bakery to get through your exam material. These student-friendly spots around Vancouver have strong coffee, free Wi-Fi, ample seating, and plenty of electrical outlets to keep your computer powered up through your cram session. Some are even open around the clock for the occasional nighttime grind.
When the temperature drops, it’s time for hot chocolate. This rich, creamy childhood classic gets a sophisticated twist thanks to the fine chocolatiers and baristas in the Lower Mainland. The tough part is deciding whether you want your hot chocolate with or without whipped cream!
Afternoon tea is the perfect excuse to dress up and enjoy the finer things in life. Pay a visit to these Vancouver teashops and indulge in a cup of tasty loose-leaf tea alongside delectable baked goods, petit fours and savoury finger sandwiches all plated on elegant tiered serving trays. The best part, you don’t even have to share!
Vancouver is full of gifted chefs and confectioners with a wide range of culinary skills. However, some local foodies are known for honing in on their talents and sticking to what they're best at. When it comes to specializing in one specific thing, these local legends are the best in town.
Make your date night a memorable one this holiday season with an unforgettable outdoor adventure. Be mesmerized by a million twinkling lights at one of several light displays across Vancouver, or glide across a frozen pond hand in hand under the star-filled sky. If you’re looking for a seasonal activity to enjoy with that special someone, here are a festive date night ideas.
Calling all waffle enthusiasts! Whether you’re a lover of soft and sweet Liege-style waffles or you prefer the classic, light and crispy Brussels-style waffle, Vancouver is home to plenty of sweet spots to satisfy your cravings. With many of these local eateries also serving waffles with unique savoury toppings, waffles are now acceptable for any meal of the day!
Whether you’re an aspiring professional photographer or the casual selfie fan, Vancouver is scattered with shops carrying photography must-haves that’ll help you take the perfect snapshot. Capturing your treasured memories requires investing in serious equipment. Not only do these shops sell new cameras and accessories, they also offer rental options and pre-loved gear.
Stationery is no longer limited to mundane yellow graphite pencils with pink eraser tips. These one-of-a-kind shops in Vancouver have an eclectic array of chic and modern writing supplies and paper products that you’ll want to use at any given chance.
Move aside coffee, there’s a new hot caffeinated drink keeping Vancouverites warm: the matcha latte. With it’s a creamy-yet-subtle flavour, this green-tea-latte hybrid drink is the new go-to beverage to enjoy before or after work.
Pasta: a carbohydrate-filled comfort food that always brings family and friends together with smiles. This Italian favourite can be found at numerous award-winning restaurants in Vancouver. Check out these local hot spots and be sure to bring a friend along to share the famiglia way. [Photo courtesy of Ask For Luigi]
Vancouver has a wide array of home decor stores to explore. You can find everything from modern-chic to vintage and rustic pieces. Be warned, you’ll most likely be tempted to redecorate your entire house after visiting these local shops.
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