Hanieh is writer, photographer and designer, interested in storytelling that raises awareness, triggers the imagination and creates discussion. She writes on a variety of topics including international affairs and politics, arts and culture, and technology. She loves to read, enjoys exploring new places, and she will never say no to a cup of coffee. 
Chock full of latte lovers and cortado connoisseurs, midtown Toronto has seen a huge influx of coffee shops and cafés, each on an aesthetic playing field all their own. For a caffeine boost and a dose of decorative perfection, we’ve got the goods on some of the most unique spots the area offers. [Feature image: Istanbul Café and Espresso Bar]
It’s hard enough to find affordable and high quality beauty products, now imagine trying to find options that are environmentally friendly, organic and cruelty free. Luckily, there’s plenty of Torontonians who make taking care of the planet a priority, right down to your shampoo, your fragrance, or your makeup.
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