A native of Halifax, James Gregor can usually be found hauling laptop around to various coffee shops. He can never decide what kind of coffee he wants, so he tries them all (though he prefers dark roast). If he's not in a coffee shop, he's probably in a bookshop, or on a plane to New York City. James holds a Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University, and is also a fiction writer.
Doughnuts are the comfort food par excellence: there's nothing like the mix of sweet and fried, the moist give as you bite down, with the potential combination of toppings and flavours. While the artisanal doughnut wave may not have crested in Halifax quite yet, there are still some great options if you are in the mood for something traditional.
There's something about hotel bars that makes it easy to imagine you’re in a distant land, even if you’ve only traveled a few blocks. Victoria has plenty of these establishments – from the elegant Bengal Lounge to the honky-tonk Big Bad John’s, there’s a hotel bar for every taste.
Is there anything like biting into a warm croissant? Grab one of these flaky puff pastries, pull it apart, and inhale the buttery depths within. It's a little bit of Paris at a fraction of the cost of a plane ticket. Follow your taste buds, and find the best croissants Halifax has to offer.
Whether you're the kind who prefers theirs eggs Benedict standard with ham and spinach, or the adventurous type who piles on the trout gravlax, Halifax is the city for you. There is no shortage of hollandaise sauce in these parts, whether you're North End, West End or downtown. Any time of day, eggs benny is always within your reach.
If you’re looking to be refreshed and feel sophisticated at the same time, there is no better drink than champagne. With a variety of quality and price options available, it’s helpful to have guidance. Victoria is chock full of venues with knowledgeable staff ready to help you find that perfect glass of bubbly, and celebrate in style.
When you think of British Columbia, you think plentiful fish, fresh vegetables and fine wines. But there’s no shortage of splendid desserts to be had on the beautiful West Coast, especially here in Victoria. Those with a sweet tooth have plenty of options. From pumpkin cheesecake to candy apple cake, get your slice before it’s gone!
Coffee culture has exploded in Victoria, and the variety of coffee purveyors has grown exponentially. Whether you’re looking for a dark cold brew or your sweet tooth wants an iced mint latte, you won’t be left wanting.
Montreal is renowned for its refined dining scene. Are you looking for classic magret de canard in the ambiance of a French bistro-style restaurant? Or do you seek something more extravagant and adventurous, like duck confit served right out of a can? Either way, Montreal is ready and willing to satisfy your fine dining cravings. [Image credit: iStock.com/giovanni1232]
Montreal is an entertainment town, and there's no shortage of homegrown talent or visiting musicians to light up its venues. You should be well-fed, though, to enjoy this musical feast to the max; a drink or two might get you in a festive mood, too. Here are a handful of excellent options for a pre-concert meal. [Image credit: iStock.com/Kevin Miller]
What’s more invigorating on a cold winter’s night than a glass of whisky? From the peat smoke hints in a Laphroaig 10 Year to an Old Fashioned with Bulleit Bourbon, Edmonton's selection will surely slake your thirst.
You can't always leave the kids at home. Thankfully, Vancouver is a city full of drinking – and eating – establishments that cater to foodies with underagers in tow. Whether you're bringing little ones along to a bar with board games or just grabbing a booth at the local pub, cold pints and laid-back vibes await you at these family-friendly spots.
Lobster used to be a bottom feeder and the only thing that poor families in outport communities could afford. It's still a bottom feeder today, but now the clawed crustaceans fetch high prices in elite restaurants across the world. No matter your take on it, Vancouver’s renowned seafood restaurants serve up plenty of lobster dishes to satisfy your palate. [Photo credit: iStock.com/GMVozd]
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