Joëlle is a working professional and blogger-gal living in Toronto's Old Town neighbourhood. Her blog, La Petite Noob, covers everything to do with exploring personal style, beauty and lifestyle, as well as documenting her list of 30 thing to do before 30. She is an aspiring world traveler, obsessive Instagrammer and has a penchant for fresh flowers, carbs and gin.
Flowers make the home – isn’t that how the old saying goes? Nothing says I love you, I’m sorry, or makes a home feel like a home quite like the perfect floral arrangement. When your typical corner store flower bunch just won’t do, there are a variety of unique and skilled florists in Toronto to help you bring the outdoors in.
Cafés are a dime a dozen in Toronto, but stumbling upon a dazzling space that beautifies your Instagram feed while enjoying a cup of joe is truly something special. Whether it’s a bright space or just the perfect unique details, coffee shops are no longer just about the coffee. Enjoying these next-level spaces is one thing, but catching a great photo for your feed is icing on the cake – or the foam on the latte ;)
If there’s one thing that Toronto bloggers are serious about, it’s their brunch. “Brunching” is a verb for this polished crew, and the criteria for the perfect brunch spot is unanimous: beautiful bright spaces, artistically plated food, and quirky vignettes that will brighten up any Instagram feed. Never mind the fact that the food must be delicious – these bloggers need fuel because those photos won’t take themselves!
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