Julie Nelson is a California native living and writing in downtown Toronto. When she’s not obsessively eating chocolate in her pajamas, you can find Julie exploring the city wondering “When did Canadians get so cool?”  With articles published in over 30 venues, Julie has written for print, online, and television and has a novel on the way.
Everyone in the city seems to be running lately, and it's no wonder why; according to a new study, running is the number one form of exercise in Canada. With shoes, clothing and GPS trackers, these Toronto stores will get you out on the road and in with the crowd.
For most Torontonians, swimming during the winter season seems like a crazy idea, but with a large selection of indoor pools throughout the city, you can swim all year round. So don't wait for summer to show off your killer breast stroke; take the plunge at one of these indoor pools today.
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