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The sauce makes the meal. Whether you’re after cooking sauces such as pasta sauce, bottled barbecue sauces and marinades or exotic condiments to dress up everyday dishes, the independent grocery stores, supermarkets and food shops listed here have what you’re looking for as well as much more.
An Asian drink made with black or green tea mixed with fruit juice or milk, bubble tea gets its name from jelly-like tapioca balls that are added to the drink. It’s a delicious treat that’s available in seemingly endless varieties and is often served with snacks. Find bubble tea at the following cafés and dessert houses.  
Pets provide so much joy and comfort, they deserve to be well groomed. A little routine fur maintenance will improve the quality of their furry little lives. These pet groomers will help you keep your dog or cat clean, healthy and lookin’ sharp.
Calgary’s many public art galleries feature a wide array of work from sculpture and multimedia digital installations to paintings and hand-blown glass pieces. At the galleries listed here, you’ll find a selection of constantly changing exhibitions that feature both contemporary and historic artworks.
Studying martial arts is a unique and engaging way to get fit. Calgary schools offer karate, taekwondo, judo, ninjutsu as well as several other disciplines. Contact any of these schools to find the martial arts practice that suits you best.
If savouring a great cup of coffee in the morning is a critical part of launching your day, you need the best coffee beans. These city coffee shops and cafés offer a wide selection of premium coffee beans for home brewing.
If you’re going to a Calgary Flames game or a concert at the Saddledome, and you want to grab a drink with your friends before or after the event, there are plenty of watering holes in the surrounding area. Whether you’re winding up or winding down, these venues are suitably spots for camaraderie and good cheer. Check venue hours for closing times.
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