When Krista isn't writing about nutrition and mental health, she's cooking and seeking out the best places to eat and drink in and around Toronto. A passionate cook, gardener, and craft beer drinker, she loves to encourage others to get involved. She's currently writing her first book and runs a food and drink blog.
For those who love meat, charcuterie boards are the perfect combination of cured and thoughtfully prepared meats. From salami and prosciutto to pates and terrines, these plates are devoted to meat. Whether you’re sipping on a glass of wine or aiming to try a variety of meats and accompanying condiments, these spots in Ottawa deliver stunning charcuterie plates.
There’s no denying Canadians love Caesars. Creating a good one requires attention to detail, unique garnishes, and quality ingredients. You can find standout Caesars at many Ottawa bars and restaurants and they are a great way to start your night, or, in some cases, your Sunday brunch off right!
Great deals and good times? It’s called happy hour for a reason, you know! Rare is the bar or restaurant that doesn’t offer some sort of happy hour deal involving discounted food and drink. If you’re looking to boost your mood, head out to any one of these Ottawa happy hour hotspots for a guaranteed good time.
Donairs, which are either Turkish or Greek in origin, are a firmly established part of Halifax's culture, and they offer a convenient and filling meal or late-night snack. They're often filled with vertical rotisserie-cooked meat and served in a flatbread, accompanied by fresh vegetables and sauce. Here are the top spots to fulfill your donair cravings.
The days of bland veggie burgers are over – no need to sacrifice taste for a healthier, more sustainable option. Vegetarian burgers can be made from corn, mushrooms, chickpeas and other flavourful ingredients, without the grease and fat. For a great veggie burger, these Halifax locations have you covered.
The craft beer revolution is booming. Never before have we had access to such a diverse selection of well-crafted, creative brews. You'll find countless places to grab a drink within the downtown core alone; check out these spots for a craft beer you can really enjoy. Cheers!
Toronto is a city that thrives on diversity and is home to a wide range of ethnicities. This incredibly diverse and culture-rich city offers cuisine from around the culinary globe. From Thai to Indian, Polish to African, there's so much to experience. Take a trip around the world, eating at a different authentic restaurant each night of the week.
Eggnog is a holiday classic in Canada and the United States. This dairy-based drink is made with sugar, cream and/or milk, whipped eggs and, often, bourbon, rum or brandy. If you're looking to elevate your eggnog experience this winter, order an eggnog cocktail at these Toronto spots.
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