Linnaea is a freelance writer and editor in Vancouver, B.C. Her main sources of joy are bikes, hot coffees, cold Old Fashioneds, and having conversations with her cat. She can typically be found adventuring on the road by bike, playing in the mountains on skis, feeding her creative soul at Craft Night, and enjoying sunsets with friends and ciders.
As the temperature drops and the rain sets in, ramen is one way Vancouverites can get out of the house and warm up. While traditionally a meat dish, some shops are taking on the task of creating a delicious bowl of vegetarian ramen. [Photo credit: iStock/Lisovskaya]
As cheese alternatives become more mainstream, more vegan options are popping up around town. Here are a few vegan-friendly pizza options that are sure to pack a punch to your taste buds. You won’t even miss the cheese! [Photo credit: Tourism Vancouver/Vision Event Photography]
Craft beer has enjoyed a huge rise in popularity lately, with new breweries popping up every week it seems. But what about those that don’t love beer? Or maybe you’re looking to mix up your beer-drinking game? Cider is a great answer to that! Here are more than enough cider-friendly places to enjoy. [Photo credit: iStock]
Occasionally you’ll walk into the washroom at a restaurant or café and think to yourself, “What in the world? How did they ever come up with that?” Or perhaps you’ll exclaim, “Why do they still have that in here?” Sometimes bathroom artwork will make you chuckle with delight; sometimes it’ll leave you curious and confused. The distinct bathroom displays at these Vancouver spots are sure to stick with you.
There’s something to be said about going into a bookstore, running your fingers over the spines, and finding a copy of your favourite childhood tome or discovering a new author. The staff are usually hardcore bibliophiles and ready with a suggestion – you just have to ask. Vancouver’s charming used bookshops are the perfect places to wander on a rainy afternoon or pop into for last-minute gifts.
You have a “guy” you go to for your car, your hair, or your suit tailoring needs, so why not have a bike shop that offers the same personalized service? If you’re an avid cyclist looking for a unique experience combined with great service, visit one of these independent bike shops in Vancouver.
Vancouver is home to plenty of great spots to grab a coffee, but sometimes it’s nice to get out of the city and try something new. Here are a few of my favourite destination cafés to visit by bike – or by car if you’re feeling lazy.
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