Maddie Silva was born and raised in the GTA and enjoyed traipsing around Toronto in her university days. She adores the city for its many faces, from the Victorian snapshot of the Distillery District to the hustle and bustle of Chinatown. She spends much of her spare time pouring over novels, daydreaming and adding far more items to her bucket list than she has managed to cross off thus far.
If you're looking to celebrate the New Year but are dreading the thought of overpowering music, jam-packed crowds and black tie dress codes, read on to see all the gems Toronto has to offer for your ideal end-of-year affair. From hip pubs and cozy eateries to board game cafés and comedy shows, there's sure to be something that fits you just right.
You want to decorate for Christmas, but you seek unique pieces that stand out from the standard offerings at your local big box retailer. Toronto offers a variety of shops and special seasonal shows sure to have everything you need to fill your house and home with the holiday spirit.
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