Megan Hunka is a writer and editor currently studying at NAIT to learn the art of graphic design. She loves Japanese food, arts and crafts, knitting, reading and baking. In the evenings, you’ll find her in the gym.
If you’ve ever struggled for something to do on the weekend and you enjoy exploring Edmonton’s arts and culture scene, look no further!
Garden centres aren’t just for people with green thumbs. These greenhouses have plenty of appeal for everyone. Come for a meal, shopping or to learn something new!
Edmonton’s up-and-coming Highlands neighbourhood is locatedin north-east Edmonton, where a number of unique local businesses are setamongst some of Edmonton’s most historic homes. [Image credit:].
Accessibility isn’t a problem for these Edmonton restaurants and farmers’ markets, making them a great place to socialize, share a meal or go shopping.
A few hours of meditation might be just what you need to refocus and re-energize so you can tackle tomorrow’s challenges. Check out these options for meditating in a group setting in Edmonton.
Cheaply stock your bookshelves, find something unexpected or pick up some local literature at Edmonton’s used and independent bookstores.
Edmonton has a rich cultural diversity and these art galleries, restaurants and businesses showcase some of the area’s First Nations culture.
Wedding planning can be stressful, but these small businesses can take care of your wellness and those small details that help make your day perfect.
Taking care of your personal wellness means caring for your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Here are some local businesses that will help you prioritize your personal well-being and get you feeling healthier all-around.
Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be an unpleasant task. Many markets are independently owned, family-run businesses, whose owners really care about ensuring the very best ingredients are available for Edmontonians. Next time you shop, you can feel good about buying organic and supporting local farmers and producers. I also mention some ethnic grocery stores for when you want to spice up your meal plan!
You aren’t at the gym to swim, for a drop-in class or to do hours of cardio; you’re there to lift! These gyms are for those serious lifters who don’t want any distractions.
Edmonton is home to some great bakeries that produce delicious, fresh loaves that have renewed my love of breakfast. What’s better than a slice of toast with jam, honey or peanut butter? I’ll let you in on my favourite spreads in the city.
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